favorite small space accent in my home | the penny tile mirror table

 :: Click here to see a full view of this sweet table ::

a lot of you lovelies have emailed me or commented on the penny tile mirrored table in these pics and I wanted to tell you more about it. it is absolutely my fave piece (seriously, this table makes me happy - oh the power of design).  I waited almost a year to go for it and was able to get it wholesale through a designer friend (the only way because this table ain't cheap).  It's called the Metropolitan 1000 Faces Table. See many more photos of it right here.

What do you *love* in your own space?



3 Responses to "favorite small space accent in my home | the penny tile mirror table"

Neha P. Photography said... 8/01/2010

I'm so jealous! This table stands out for sure and I WANT ONE! Hmmmm....know of anything similar that costs less?

AW said... 8/03/2010

I've wondered about that table...I love it!

What I love in my space: my grandmother's 1960's swag lamp hanging in my living room. She squished up her face in disgust when I said I'd love to "inherit" it and she still has no idea why I love it now that I've got it. It's hers. It has memories. It's a beautiful blue. It clicks with my mid-century vibe. *shrug* It makes me happy! :-)

AphroChic said... 8/11/2010

My Philippe Starck Ghost Chair. I saved up for it a couple of years ago. It's my modern classic baby.

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