A Santa Monica Bungalow via House Beautiful

Loving designer Chad Eisner 900 sq ft bungalow. This home uses tons of small space methods and ideas + an expert eye on using color + texture + scale. For example, Chad used a pair of sofas because "they seat twice as many people as one sofa and two armchairs. And the long horizontal lines also make the room seem bigger." For him, it works and also makes sense. Don't be afraid to use larger scale pieces in a smaller space. Sometimes more small pieces may make the room feel that way. I also like Chad's bedroom. He created an intimate vibe with the blue walls, a cool color that makes the space recede. Plus he created vertical depth by placing a unique chandelier to add great light and draw the eye up. He introduced layering by placing a garden stool under the bedside table. For more pics of this sweetly designed small space, click here. [Photos via House Beautiful]



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A Santa Monica Bungalow via House Beautiful


Anonymous said... 1/12/2009

Oh wow! This place is great! I love it! Thanks for passing it on to us!

Anonymous said... 1/12/2009

That kitchen wall is intense! I love it!

Unknown said... 1/15/2009

by the way i' am a Santa Monica Interior Designer and i can say that the place is really beautiful. I can say that you have nice posts.

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