Rethinking The Use Of Your Furniture

I know a lot of you saavy small space dwellers are most likely already doing this - rethinking the function of your furniture. Just because you buy a bookcase doesn't mean you can't take it a part and make it functional in a different manner!?!

During my half way mark a few weeks ago, I had these 2 IKEA lack bookcases but didn't know what to do with them when I moved. I also knew that I needed a console table behind my floating couch. By simply taking out 2 of the 3 shelves (keeping just the middle one) of each bookcase, laying them on their sides and stacking them, I created a functional and nice looking console/bookcase.

I am so happy with the look and that I was able to be resourceful in my design. My goal for my new home was to really use ALL of my existing furniture and I sure did! (more to come on that goal in a few). Think about how you use your space, what is most important to you and how to be resourceful by reusing existing pieces and you will love your own small space even more!



Rethinking The Use Of Your Furniture


Ann said... 1/26/2009

That was a good plan! I have done quite a bit of 'creative arranging' in this house, and will have to do more in my next home. I had a china hutch that couldn't be put against the wall and still have the table there - if you wanted to be able to walk past to the door - so I put it out sideways, put a small dresser on the backside and hung a mirror on it - so it effectively became a wall as well as usable furniture! I rather like doing things differently anyway.

loving. living. small. said... 1/26/2009

Nice job, Ann! Email me pics if you can. Would love to see the "look" of your created wall.

Anonymous said... 7/26/2009

how did you construct these?
did you have to cut the shelves?
any info would be greatly appreciated.

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