REVISITING....Multi-Tasking Rooms

{Revisiting our kitchen-turned-office in our old small space. By rethinking how to use this space, my boyfriend and I made a lot of room for a dedicated work space that we really needed!}

{We moved the expandable dining table into the rectangular space and defined two living spaces.}

One of my fave small space solutions is to rethink how a room can be used. It's your space and you use it for your own needs. I've spoke before about how it's all about the form + function in your own small space. In our old small space, we turned our small eat-in-kitchen into an office and moved the dining table into our narrow rectangular main room. By rethinking the way the rooms are used, we created 4 defined spaces - a kitchen, a dedicated work space, a dining room and a family room.



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Anonymous said... 1/13/2009

gotta love elfa! that's what we have used for the past several years.. moving it from one location to the next [military family].. so versatile!

Anonymous said... 1/15/2009

i adore this kitchen & am thinking about copying for my office-thanks for your beautiful blog!

Jen of MadeByGirl said... 1/19/2009

I love that hutch...and your striped ottoman...! :)

Jen Ramos

'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

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