CUTE: Classic Furniture Via Wall Graphics

These colorful + fun wall graphics, designed by BY:AMT for Studio Jan Habraken, are a fab addition to your small space. Hey if you have no room for a real standing clock, this one will certainly do. Using your walls at it's finest!



4 Responses to "CUTE: Classic Furniture Via Wall Graphics"

Katie @ said... 1/07/2009

We have a long, narrow hallway in our little place, and I've wanted to put up something like this. The clock idea sounds really fun; thank you for the website. I've bookmarked it until I make up my mind on exactly how to swankify the space.

Jamie said... 1/16/2009

YES! I love this idea! I just bought some wall decals by Blik. They have a really cute one in the form of a chandelier.

Anonymous said... 1/23/2009

very lovely idea too.

Anonymous said... 2/11/2009

Casamodern has a collection of great Modern Classic Furniture and decoration ideas for your home.

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