Small Space Solutions for Form + Function

Shelves with clean lines are versatile for storage and showcasing personal objects + look stunning in a space. If you can go floor-to-ceiling in your space, you can make your space feel bigger by creating vertical depth. Click here to visit a wonderful roundup of this idea.

A large, leaning mirror is one of the best ways to open up your space and create the illusion of a much grander area. Classy + chic + simple, this is affordable small space solution works.

Using your vertical space is pretty much part of all of these small space ideas. By floating shelves, say for an office space, then you are drawing the eye up as well as using a smaller foot print.

Love incorporating small details throughout my small space. Create your own vibe that you love by showcasing your own personal objects + wares in small "sections" in your space.

Creating the look of "more space" in your space is the goal. Using your walls to do this is key. Go up in your home and you'll be surprised at how much bigger your space will feel.

I believe a small space should work best for you while it's looking the best it can too. While form is important, the look of your space should reflect your own personality, loves and wants. Here is LOVING. LIVING. SMALL.'s TOP 5 favorite small space solutions for both form + function.

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3 Responses to "LOVING. LIVING. SMALL.'s TOP 5....
Small Space Solutions for Form + Function


Laura said... 1/27/2009

I have that bookcase and love it!

Unknown said... 1/28/2009

great tips! such great ideas... i've lived in 1 dorm, 2 apts, 1 studio, and now an old 1920's townhouse and space is essential.

Emily G. said... 2/08/2009

i love the floating shelves, but where are the cords for all those electronic gadets?

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