LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. turns 1 today!

{Enjoying a frosting shot via Sprinkles to celebrate one year!}

I began writing LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. one year ago today and am thrilled by all of YOUR support and encouragement. I initially started writing the blog as a place for all of my own small space experiences + inspirations from my notebook and it has grown to a home for you lovely readers, sharing the same small space loving and living. So thank you again for stopping by, saying hello and here's to 2009! xx, rebecca


7 Responses to "LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. turns 1 today!"

Anonymous said... 1/22/2009

Yeah! Congrats on the one year mark!`

Anonymous said... 1/22/2009

Congrats on the one year mark!

Anonymous said... 1/22/2009

Happy Birthday!

felicakes said... 1/22/2009

Happy Blog Birthday. I have just started reading your blog and I am already a big fan. :*)

Leah said... 1/22/2009

Happy blogiversary!

trita51 said... 1/22/2009

i'm a faithful follower! each visit i have to rearrange something. congrats on your blogaversary! keep the pics and commentary flowing! sofia

Jessica said... 1/25/2009

Congrats! I really enjoy your blog...


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