golden globe fashion turns into small space inspiration

Are you watching the Golden Globes right now? I am and I am loving the fashion! These stars are totally rockin it - I mean, wow! There are a few dresses that I have fallen for and I was inspired to turn these gorgeous gowns into small space design style.

  • Anne Hathaway has never looked better and her dress - full of round discs - reminds me of my favorite design item - my affordable chandelier! Don't you love repeated patterns? This is a great small space tip - creating fluid design to keep the eye moving. See my chandelier and my entire home office tour at Unplggd (vote #1 2010 office tour)
  • January Jones - wowza! She definitely can wear this number but I was inspired by the deep red color - love it! Red tones, or warm colors, create intimacy and close in a space so consider this color if you have a long or oblonged shape room. And add pops of color to your small space in unconventional ways - like painting your front door inside and out.
  • I am loving Angelina Jolie's dress - sparkles and green? Yes!! I am so into green tones, pulled straight from nature, exuding sustainable style and just overall fabulousness. I love adding green to walls, it really provides comfortable yet timeless style.
  • I really love JLo's dress - gorgeous! Pulling off white is tricky and she works it! The silver sequin overlay is stunning - the whole number works. I was inspired to pull a white room with accents because small spaces can benefit from adding texture and style. Just keep in mind lines. In this interior's case - the frames and pictures are clean, square style.

  • I recently started watching The Good Wife and love it. I always look forward to see the lovely Juliana Margulies and her style. This pink and black color block gown is unique and inspired me to showcase dark decor as a statement piece in a small space. Just try to find a piece with legs - like the one pictured above. Floating furniture allows the eye to continue on beyond the decor and makes a small space seem big - yes!

  • Navy blue - oh la la! I really love Amy Adam's dress - doesn't she look so fab?! Blue tones, or cool tones, are perfect for small spaces since they add a feeling of a space receding or opening up. I am loving this blue sofa and pretty accents against a white space. The pop of colors works and the blue anchors the small space. 

  • I saw Blue Valentine the other week - it's amazing! (and Ryan Gossling is super hot!) Very intense and shot beautifully. I actually liked Michelle's dress tonight  - sweet yet cool - a neat style. I pulled these equally cool and pretty garden vases for the urban dweller. The combination of textures - rope, ceramic and natural foliage - are such a great addition to small spaces. Love this!

What fashion are you loving on the Golden Globes?

:: Fashion images via TMZ, Chandelier, Red Door, Green Walls, White room, Black dresser, Blue Sofa, White Garden Style ::



5 Responses to "golden globe fashion turns into small space inspiration"

Karena said... 1/16/2011

So, so good to find you. I am just taking it all in!! The gowns are soo inspiring!

Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign......


Art by Karena

Anonymous said... 1/16/2011

Lovely picks! Anne Hathaway looked phenomenal tonight!
- xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

Sierra said... 1/16/2011

i love how you paired these ladies up with interiors, nice work!

RAENOVATE said... 1/17/2011

what a creative post, i love it! i also saw 'blue valentine' and i agree, ryan gosling is such a hunk!

Erica Cook said... 1/17/2011

Love these pretty pairings. Nice job! :)

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