small space d.i.y.
a little luck goes a long way

I enjoyed a local flea market this weekend and picked up some fantastic small space items, like this little detail - a simple horseshoe for $2.  I often suggest enjoying small details in your small space to add style and texture. And of course I had to do a little small space diy on this newly purchased item. I had some paint left over from my $3 garden stool makeover and quickly turned an old horseshoe into a modern moment with silver shine that has a home on my diy built-in units - love it! Enjoy your local flea markets for affordable and sweet gems that you can easily reinterpret with your own taste. 



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a little luck goes a long way


Tara Kenney said... 10/04/2010

Cute! We keep a horseshoe over our front door - its meant to bring good luck :) I love yours painted though - and may steal that idea!

loving. living. small. said... 10/04/2010

definitely steal it - it's a goodie :)

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