create your own personal photo style for your home

The original photo from my not so fancy iphone camera above and then some lo-mob versions below.

And here are some from my rainy walk today...

Have fun, photo friends!

I am all about adding personal details to your small space and one of my favorite and super affordable ways to do this - photography. one of my new ways to take (or really make) awesome personal photos is with a new iphone app - lo-mob. seriously, this app is amazing. Scroll through your camera log and pick out a photo and then pick from over 20 filters in the lo-mob app to reinvent your original shot. I've been going a little crazy with this thing (my new puppy is a great subject and so was my walk in the rain today) Create a photo gallery or frame a bunch in the same style frames to add balance and, of course, style to your space - yes!



2 Responses to "create your own personal photo style for your home"

Unknown said... 11/05/2010

Hi, love the chandelier! Where can I find this online??!



loving. living. small. said... 11/05/2010

Jason, I bought that chandelier in NYC at Pearl River. It was such a great find and deal.

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