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As many of you know, in that last few months there have been some fantastic digital magazines launched. I am loving all of the insanely talented people that are producing this work and it does take a lot of effort, style and drive to get a polished magazine up for the masses. A new magazine is joining the ranks of Rue, Nesting Newbies, Anthology, Lonny, NEET and more - Adore Home.

Adore's mission is to bring beautiful homes from across the globe, tips, design advice from interior experts as well as easy online access to home treasures. Love that! I am thrilled to be part of the inaugural issue - you can see my home office and design tips from me in a section about organizing a home office. Click here to check out the entire issue - it's a great source of design style for any sized home.



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Laurel said... 10/06/2010

Oh Cool! I haven't realy familiarized myslef with these new digimags-other than Sweet Paul-who I adore. I will for sure go take a peek now!

Ann said... 10/08/2010

Thanks for heads-up I'll go check the site up...

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said... 10/11/2010

We are truly lucky that there are so many sources online for free :D

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