natural glam
a look back at 2010 home trends

:: Abby and I chatting 2010 home trends above ::

:: 1. West Elm wood side table 2. gold sunburst clock 3. Erich Ginder Ghost Anter hook 
4. Jonathan Adler rug 5. Teak console table 6. Shell chandelier ::

It's hard to believe that we are getting to the end of the year. Time is moving fast, especially when I am already seeing Christmas decor in stores (what?!) 

Earlier this year, my fellow Apartment Therapy colleague, Abby, and I spoke about home trends for 2010 and I wanted to check back in and see if their appeal was still alive and kicking. My favorite trend is natural glam, that mix of rustic, gilded chic with a smooth neutral palette that can make any size space feel elegant and sophisticated - even on a budget.  I spotted this pretty interior and love the look - completely inviting and comfortable. There are tons of small space ideas in here too and great product ideas that work in small spaces.

*I love the small space style of a symmetrical layout. This controlled style pulls a space together and provides a focal point. 

*I also love going big in small spaces, like this incredible clock. Just because you have a limited amount of floor space doesn't mean you can go big on your walls - love this!

*And of course the good lighting will make a small space feel balanced and bigger.
    Have you tried this home trend?



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    a look back at 2010 home trends


    Nita Stacy said... 10/30/2010

    I have to say that I'm sad to see 2010 end only because turquoise will no longer be color of the year. I've used turquoise in my home for 25 years. I found a old painted turquoise table when I was in my 20's that became my dining room table in all my apartments. It now resides in my house as the table in my breakfast nook. I also have a turquoise painted cabinet that used to be in my living room in my past apartments and now it resides in my hall. I have always loved that color and always thought it was great against neutral walls. When everyone was painting their walls bold colors....I was thank you...I'd rather have my painted furniture stand out.

    The turquoise has always looked fresh in my I fear because it was color of the year this year....that next year it will look out of style. Doesn't matter....I'll keep both pieces.

    I like the natural glam look too...but no dead animals included in it for me. Like the look of a big over sized piece too although I have not found that one piece that speaks to me. No oversized clocks for me....I'm not into clocks. I doing a super huge painting in the dining room. I am working on redoing my dining room right now.

    Loved this interview. Love you blog.

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