small space dwellers
kate spade's london pop-up shop

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I am loving loving loving this small space dwellers post, my series on real space and real small space solutions. so I've covered a few real homes now let's check out a real shop - a pop-up in fact. oh la la do I love a pop up shop! Such a cool concept - a store or brand coming alive in a unique location for a moment - yes! Enter...kate spade and you now have a sweet pop-up full of color, whimsy and tons of small space solutions.

I have always loved the kate spade brand and have been blogging the iconic brand since I started loving. living. small. almost three years ago. Maybe it's the colors, the style, the classic lines but this brand is very much resonates with me. I wanted to share images of kate spade's London Pop-Up shop, their first presence in London. There are such goodies in here for all small space dwellers to enjoy - let's check out a few. {and loving Cailtin's illustration of the space - she is super talented and can be found my the loving. living. small. blogroll, of course}

Yes, they sure did! I am loving the use of vertical space with the random art gallery across the wall. The best part - the fireplace now really jumps as the focal point of the room. This adds balance to this room.

I do love a warm fire but if you are not using your fireplace for ambiance, use it for your decor. I love the stacked books in this space. No part of your small space can be overlooked for an opportunity to decorate. Of course enjoying negative space (or *not* filling it up is perfectly fine too)

Loving the kelly green in the space and the closet door that's line with contrasting wallpaper - clever, cool and I am totally stealing this idea. Vibrant colors do work in small spaces - don't be afraid :) I also love the interesting paint treatment with the yellow color block (spotted in twitpic) Cool and chic - this is an affordable way to add art to your small space.

Yep, they rock in small spaces. Mirrors are the best small space accent and truly make a space appear larger than it is.

If your closet is jam packed with your favorite threads then consider using your space for your items. I love the purses hanging on the wall - super cool and a great storage idea.

Enjoy many more small space dwellers rooms and tons of small space solutions right here.



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kate spade's london pop-up shop


Unknown said... 10/12/2010

I love the photos of the shop! I have always loved kate spade inspired decor! I am going to link to your post on my blog about kate spade new york. Thanks so much for the lovely post!

Anonymous said... 10/13/2010

I love these tips!!! I still have plenty to put on my walls!

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