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It's rainy and dark here in sunny Los Angeles today so I thought I'd share some bright + cheery photos for you guys. Since this post went up and this magazine went live, I've received some sweet notes about the design and style of my home office - thank you so much! You lovely readers are really amazing! I've been getting a ton of inquiries about the floral rug, in particular. I picked it up at World Market this summer because I wanted to add a bright layer to my very neutral office and I love the way it turned out. I literally feel good in this space and it's in part to the bright colors. Adding pops of colors - a rug, an accent wall, artwork - is a great way to add dimension to a small space. Do you have bright colors in your small space too? 



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bright colors


this girl said... 10/24/2010

this rug is great... and cute pup too!

Allison said... 11/04/2010

I LOVE this space, and I'm amazed to read you got the rug at World Market. If you're ever in Michigan, please come consult with me about my apartment!

Monica said... 11/18/2010

Looks amazing!! Congratulations
Could you tell me where to find a rug like that??

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