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a small space panini party | entertaining at home

small space entertaining >> something we small space dwellers love to do but sometimes aren't sure how to make it comfy for guests. in homes with limited floor space, it's not always easy to accommodate even 4 guests let alone a party for 10 or more. When I moved into my new home, I hosted a small get together for my Apartment Therapy friends. the theme - a make your own panini party. I had attended one a year earlier as well. The dinner format was simple - each guest brought a bread, a cheese and a topping and everyone had their pick of treats. So what to do with seating, table space and room for the panini maker? Here are a few ideas...

  • Double duty your furniture >> I had a little side table that I store double as the panini maker spot.
  • Rethink the "dining table" >> The coffee table became our buffet
  • Move your furniture around >> We sat on the couch, ottomans and the floor, enjoying the custom dinner.
  • Go vertical >> I used a 3-tiered plate holder to make room on the small coffee table.
It's easy to entertain when you let go of traditional dining and create your own style of entertaining by using all of your furniture. You and your friends will have a great time! Oh and mini red velvet cupcakes go a long way too. :)



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a small space panini party | entertaining at home


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