small space dwellers
mark and melissa's ranch home

Oh la I loving this new small space dwellers, straight out of the pages of Living Etc. magazine. (did you know they have a digital mag too? yes!) Design couple, Mark and Melissa's, California ranch-style home is eclectic, cool, sophisticated and refined with a completely comfortable edge.  This small space above is full of small space solutions, which are ideas that work in both form and function. Aside from the color palette (loving mustard yellow), turquoise and red accents, the couple's personality completely shines through in this room which is what it's all about, right small space dwellers?! Let's take a look at some of their small space style.

Mark and Melissa took advantage of the structural location of the room (located under a flight of stairs) to make a big impact by wallpapering the entire wall in a dramatic and dark pattern.  This definitely draws the eyes up - creating vertical depth. Paired with the contrasting with the white molding, this works well.

Once again, we are seeing small space dwellers layer their furniture in front of other pieces. This creates a real dimension in the room and makes smaller rooms appear bigger.

Creating a lighting design in a small space is a smart way to create balance. Although this couple has a fab chandelier overhead, they also have an arc lamp that creates lighting tone and texture. 

4 :: SCALE
Along the lines of balanced lighting, using scale in a small space will make it feel much bigger as well as balanced. The couple has a few accents that work in the same parallel line, like the height of the chandelier, tree, artwork and lamp.

Like our last small space dwellers post, this couple also has successfully created zones in their small space with 2 seating areas and an office space that feel equally unique as they do seamless.

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 :: Image via Living Etc July 2010 ::



4 Responses to "small space dwellers
mark and melissa's ranch home


Design Blahg said... 7/13/2010

That wallpaper completes me...LOVE this space. And I mean love love...

Loft32 said... 7/13/2010

love the couch fabric!Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said... 7/15/2010

Really pretty and enjoyed reading this.
Thank you,

loving. living. small. said... 7/15/2010

I love it too - so pretty!

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