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go big in small spaces | artwork that stands out

I remember that one of my first posts on loving. living. small. back in Jan 2008 was about large canvas paintings in small spaces. I love that idea - big art in small spaces. I continued to blog about it over at Apartment Therapy as one of my first posts in Aug 2008. One would get the feeling that I like the idea of big artwork. When I moved into my new small space a few weeks ago, I knew that my bedroom walls would need a little love to match my fab DIY headboard (to be revealed soon).

Last weekend I went flea marketing and - oh la la - did I hit the artwork jackpot. I spotted these large paintings of two chic ladies and simply put - I had to have them. A little more "girly" then I had planned to go, they were stunning and I knew they'd work in my small bedroom. Some good negotiating and handshake later, they were mine - yes! I love them in my bedroom - the whole space feels good - balanced, anchored, stylin. Using your walls and going big with art really does work in small spaces. This style really fills a space and makes it substantial and structured.

By the way, I hung these paintings myself and got them level and even on the first try - whoa - that felt good. And the bedroom is still coming together -I am on the hunt for a coral and white rug that's affordable and comfy and a leaning mirror to go between the two windows. more to come soon...

I hope all of you small space dwellers have considered large scale artwork for your home. It really does feel awesome and that's what it's about.

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5 Responses to "a small move
go big in small spaces | artwork that stands out


Laurel said... 7/22/2010

Oh Wow!!!I am awed by the cool you feature. LOVE the shelves and am so happy you are moved and settled. Looks like a great space!
I didn't realize you left us here in SF :)
I have been remiss :)

Sunshine said... 7/22/2010

I love them! What a great find, and they look just perfect in your space.

loving. living. small. said... 7/22/2010

yes, I moved back to Los Angeles a few weeks ago but am often in SF for work and visiting family. Thanks for the comment too, laurel :)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 7/22/2010

I really like them! They look so cute!

Nichole Loiacono said... 7/22/2010

Fabulous! LOVE the artwork...amazing find! Kinda jealous.

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