thank you, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

Fellow AT contributor @JennyButler tweeted that loving. living. small. was mentioned in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald and picked up on The Age. The piece is about design blogs and - wow - what a truly fab group to be part of! The write up on my little blog was super sweet and well, wow, we just can't believe the company we are keeping ::
Click here for the full piece.


5 Responses to "thank you, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald"

Susan said... 6/21/2010

Congratulations that's a very nice write up and well deserved I might add.

loving. living. small. said... 6/21/2010

Thank you, Susan! you are sweet :)

laurenne said... 6/21/2010

YAY! Susan's right. It is very well deserved. You're so creative and have an amazing eye for creativity and color. I am proud to have seen your ideas before they had this space in which to revel.

Becky said... 6/21/2010

congrats - this is one of my fav places to poke around!

loving. living. small. said... 6/22/2010

thanks!! :)

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