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ok so here's the real deal, I am obsessed with my blogroll! ok, not the literal roll but the incredible blogs listed on it! and not because I think they are great but because I think they are great and I enjoy them, I am inspired by them and I happily follow them daily.

my blogroll is not just a place to share what I love to read with you lovelies but a place for me to actually sort out what I love to read. i have a little method - I bookmark inspiring blogs and sites and then update my blogroll every few months so I don't lose them in my - what I thought was a streamlined - bookmarking system. I realized a few weeks ago that all of my bookmark folders have, oh, tons and tons of sites marked and I can (sadly) lose track of what I actually bookmarked to enjoy.

I just updated my blogroll (now over 165 sweet blogs and sites) with a bunch of new fab additions and wanted to share a few with you - they are lovely!! enjoy, support, love and inspire.

new online lifestyle magazine run by two amazing women with a spread of food, entertaining, home design and more. and the online mag has streaming video in the articles - super creative.

an la gal that is inspired everyday and shares it through her lovely blog.

the sweet micaela's blog is full of design, photography and cool words. she also happens to be a recent Blog Out Loud panelist.

an owner of a confectionery's blog?! yes! sweet, pretty and lovely photos to boot.

my new fave innovative and eclectic "finger on the pulse" design mag that curates cool stuff.

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3 Responses to "fab new blogs to heart ::
additions to the loving. living. small. blogroll


ashlina {the decorista} said... 3/11/2010

awesome. excited to check out your favorite sites...


Anonymous said... 3/11/2010

aw, thanks hun! i'll be adding you shortly too :)

Nesting Newbies said... 3/15/2010

Thanks for the blog love! :)

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