create a {small space} color story

:: the farmer's market at the Ferry Building was full of colorful and vibrant flowers! ::

:: this white ranunculus really appealed to me - pretty! ::

so yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Benjamin Moore/West Elm 2010 color forecasting event for Williams-Sonoma's Designer Marketplace and learned a ton about color stories and design style. I love that term - color story - because it's so true! Integrating certain colors into your small space will truly create a vibe, an energy and feeling. One color story that resonated with me was WHITE! Yes, white and gray or white and pink. There's something clean, fresh, modern and soft all wrapped in one when it comes to white. When you are decorating your space - think about your own color story and how you feel in your home.


3 Responses to "create a {small space} color story"

Rebecca said... 3/26/2010

is there anything more beautiful than fresh ranunculus? lovely!

Lillian C said... 3/27/2010

Oh wow, what vibrant colors!! This is why I love farmer's markets...these pictures say it all :)

Jennifer DeDonato said... 4/21/2010

Those flowers are beautiful. I am always amazed by them.

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