cooking in a small kitchen
clean as you go

ok so last night I cooked a fab meal on the grill w my family and decided that I wanted to get all Top Chef-ed out and created my version of an amuse bouche. with parts of the asparagus that we didn't grill, we made a creamy asparagus soup with a dollop of sour cream with a rosemary and garlic potato chip! my brother actually has rosemary shrubs in his front yard and we just went outside and grabbed some delish herbs for our meal. cooking in the kitchen was great! there not so big yet not super small space was kept in shape by cleaning as we went. really - this made such a difference and I highly recommend it!and those rosemary chips - oh la la!! you must try making some yourself! (and don't forget the butter :)


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clean as you go


Emily said... 3/29/2010

Yum! Sounds awesome. :) Thanks for the "clean as you go" reminder- it totally makes a difference (and gives you more time to enjoy your company!)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 3/29/2010

I would love to have the recipe! That sounds amazing!

Sheena LaShay said... 3/29/2010

Cleaning as you go is key! I always practice that. By the time I'm done eating, the only dirty dish is the plate I was eating off of. I love that!

loving. living. small. said... 3/29/2010

Caroline - the recipe is simple!! just thinly slice some yukon potatoes. in a small bowl, heat/mix some butter, rosemary and one garlic clove. dip the potato slices in the liquid and place them on a cookie sheet w some tin foil. I like to place some more rosemary on top of some of them. heat your over to 400 and bake for 30 min. Check in on them and turn 'em over half way through. Have fun!!!

extreme personal measures said... 3/30/2010

Found you through It's The Little Things That Make The house a Home and am loving your blog! I am follwong so I can keep in tough! Off to check out Sweetline!

Chef Lea McIntosh said... 4/08/2010

I love your amuse bouche! It is making me hungry right now! :) We enjoyed seeing you yesterday and I can't wait to cook with you this Summer!

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