another great plate inspires small space tips

I know I keep sharing food with you guys but I seriously had the best burrata and heirloom tomato salad that was so pretty, I snapped a photo. aside from how good it was, the orange, yellow, green and browns looked so neat together. this photo of a lovely work space has the color palette plus one of my fave small space tips - using your walls. lovely! :)

:: work space photo by angie cao ::


3 Responses to "another great plate inspires small space tips"

custardbydesign said... 3/19/2010

vertical depth...what a great post - great words...

Kerry said... 3/19/2010

they both look good enough to eat. I love the idea of filling up the wall space. I live in a smallish townhouse and love your's full of fabulous ideas. thanks.

Trish said... 3/22/2010

that dessert looks yummy and i love that space! the frames + baskets with a little hint of color is just perfect.

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