design inspiration:
coral + white

it's such a pretty day in San Francisco today and spring is on it's way! I have been thinking about coral and white - clean, romantic colors that feel good all the time. I love this striped pillow from Williams-Sonoma Home. Changing out your throw pillow covers is an easy and affordable way to change the entire vibe of your small space. 


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coral + white


elena said... 3/09/2010

I also love coral and white, have you seen this posters:
?? they are very nice

custardbydesign said... 3/09/2010

what a beautiful contrast...

May Brady said... 3/09/2010

The coral and white looks beautiful! I, too, have a two-seater at the end of my bed with bright coloured cushions, a recent addition and it was fun making the covers.

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said... 3/10/2010

Love this color combo! SO clean, fresh, and summery! I think I am inspired to use it more, especially coral! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said... 3/17/2010

Coral is my favorite. I wear it and love it! Thanks for the eye candy!

Trish said... 3/23/2010

i love this combination! it's fresh and screams chic!!!

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