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tinted porcelain bowls

Don't you love this dishware? I absolutely do! This line of bowls, plates and trays is from a neat little company out of Australia that tints the porcelain prior to baking. A simple glaze is applied to add the shine. I think adding small details with color and texture to small space creates a subtle but impactful design style. Love that!

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tinted porcelain bowls


Unknown said... 3/30/2011

So pretty! I love little colourful bowls :)

Lily said... 3/30/2011

Love all the colors.


Vintage Fabric Addict said... 3/31/2011

Lovely. I'd like to know who this 'neat little company out of Australia' is? cheers

Anonymous said... 3/31/2011

Oh yes, so lovely! I keep my rings in tiny porcelain and glass bowls...

Thanks for sharing - love it!

Sar xx

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