do you design cycle like me?
reconsidering your {small} spaces

:: time after time I go through my design cycles :: 

ok friends, here I go again. I am in the middle of a complete design cycle. this time I am obsessing over turning my home office that I use and need into a dining room - that I don't really need right now. The design culprit or covet I should say - the Saarinen marble tulip table. Yes, I want to redesign an entire space to incorporate this coveted piece right inside. Well, thankfully for me,  I have this blog to fess up to it and learn more about why I am always mixing it up.

Every now and then (ok every few weeks) I pretty much have to, want to, need to change some design element in my apartment. When I say cycle, I pretty much mean {re}cycle since I am often in the mood to change up my place. Whether it's something simple and sweet like changing the photos in my frames or something bigger and braver like flipping my entire layout in my main room, I get the urge to recycle my design style. 

Of course I know my desire to mix it up is beyond just an actual product or inspiration that I find on the fantastic blogs and design features out there. I am sure that it stems from an emotional place since truly believe in making a house a home to create a place where I can feel my best self.  That being said, I do wonder what components of my life play into my wanting to redesign my small space so often? Could it be other areas of my life, the ups and downs of living, that plays into this? I'd love to hear your stories on the *urge to change up your home* and how you make it work or let it pass. A big thank you in advance from one small space dweller to another.



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reconsidering your {small} spaces


Nita Stacy said... 3/13/2011

I think it makes perfect sense to design a room around the tulip table. I've wanted one of those for ages. I LOVE having a dining room and am in the middle of painting all my dining room furniture. Do I use my dining room? No...not much...really hardly at all...but I love all the things in a dining room...the furniture....china and that its a room that doesn't need a lot of furniture...just the table and chairs and a buffet. I feel like a home without a dining room is a house that has given up on being well groomed. It screams...I eat all my meals in front of the TV. I will always have a formal dining room.

Shauntelle@A Beautiful Abode said... 3/14/2011

Maybe we should do a joint project since I am looking for a tulip knock-off to design a dining room within an office/studio space! My hubby is a photog and he uses our dining room as his office/studio space, but I am desperate to still have some kind of formal dining area (outside of our kitchen), so I've been brainstorming all kinds of ideas to make both work...

C'est La Vie - Photography by Lyra said... 3/14/2011

what a fabulous find! just ran across your blog from somebody's blog list - newest follower here! adore you suggestions for small spaces as I am a NYC resident and typically deal with small square footage with many of my interior decor clients. please visit my blog (interior decor, event design and art photography) when you get a chance:) Thank you!

C'est La Vie

Megan said... 3/14/2011

Why don't you use the Saarinen Tulip table in your office as a workspace? That way you can have what you want with the practicality of what you need.

loving. living. small. said... 3/14/2011

Megan - I was definitely thinking that and I may just go for it. :)

Lily said... 3/14/2011

I constantly have to have something to "obsess" over and want to change. So I definitely understand what you are talking about. I think Megan's idea is great to just use the Tulip table as your office desk so you can still get what you want without loosing your workspace !


I-5 Design & Manufacture said... 3/18/2011

Yes, my small spaces definitely need reconsidered. Thank you for the reminder. As a designer a great skill can be utilizing the spaces at hand. Thank you for sharing

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