another look into my design cycle

:: My affordable chandelier that I bought in NY last summer is staying put ::

 :: So is my colorful rug ::

A few days ago I shared that I am considering turning my home office into an actual dining room. Even though I just moved in a few months ago, I am going through a little design cycle and am looking to change up my space.  As far as the room, I definitely will continue to use it as an office (great idea from reader, Megan) but I am looking to change the layout and furniture to reflect a true dining space.  Want to see the current room as an office - click here for the Unplggd tour.

The design culprit for my new design cycle is the Saarinen marble tulip table. Definitely an investment piece, I've had my eye on this guy for some time and have been weighing the want vs. need vs. am I crazy for changing my place again? I do know that it's a special piece and something that I can enjoy for the long haul. It will add into my home vibe and be something that I worked towards getting, which makes the material item a bit more special, right? 

Above you'll see some ideas that I have from keeping the pretty gray painted walls, my bright floral rug and my favorite $60 sphere chandelier. The additions - the fab table and 4 Cesca chairs that were gifted to me by family friends for free. (Of course a little reupholstery is in their future but worth it to add some of my style to these classic chair.) And I am thinking of doing a buffet and hutch? Lots to consider here because of the size of the space. Maybe something mirrored to open up the space?

More to come, loving. living. small. friends :)



3 Responses to "another look into my design cycle"

Lily said... 3/15/2011

The table is amazing !!! I am sure the room will look great...cant wait to see pics ! Love the idea of the stripe chairs!


Jenny | Aubrey Road said... 3/15/2011

those were my kitchen table chairs growing up too!

Elizabeth said... 3/16/2011

I am doing wicker chairs with this table - love the combo! Have always had to design my own small rental apartments, so I am loving the blog!
-e (

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