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10 photos to inspire you to look up & down

I am sure many of you are just like me, carrying your camera everywhere you go. I started doing this over three years ago when I started this blog and I am so glad that I did. Over the years I have been able to capture design inspiration all over the place and now have a design record, so to speak. I often e-flip through my images to gather style and ideas, many of them showing back up on this blog.

I recently realized that I have a ton of photos that are actually of floors/the ground and ceilings/the sky. Silly, right? At first I did feel a little strange stopping to take pictures of, say, a tiled floor in a chi chi la la restaurant (that's my term for "fancy") or a palm tree while walking my dog. I have since gotten over that and have  been happily snapping design that makes me feel good and inspires my space all the time. 

Above are all photos that I have snapped pointing my camera either up or down. I hope this post inspires you to capture anything and everything around you. You never know where a great idea will come from. For example, the last photo in the above series that shows  x-shaped cement and grass inspired one of my first posts that I wrote for Apartment Therapy way back in July 2008. It was all about x-inspired decor that came from that very photo

1.  The chevron wood tiles ceiling at the Wynn Las Vegas

2. Cocktails at Norwood in New York City last summer

4.  Red and pink diamond patterned carpet at Ceasars Las Vegas

5.  The palm tree on the corner of my block in Los Angeles

6.  The pretty tiled floor at Olives

7.  A very cool wicker ceiling

8.  Walking to lunch in Palm Springs

:: all images by loving. living. small. ::



6 Responses to "design inspiration
10 photos to inspire you to look up & down


Lily said... 3/24/2011

Beautiful the "you are here" !


Unknown said... 3/24/2011

Beautiful photos.I also hang out with my camera to everywhere. Have a nice day.

Unknown said... 3/24/2011

Love the chevron tiles!! And that tiled floor is gorgeous!!

Andrea @ strawberry-chic said... 3/25/2011

Love the inspiration, and the style of your photos!

Maddison said... 3/25/2011

Thank you for the reminder to snap whatever picture makes you happy and inspired. I often look around sheepishly as I am looking through the lens. I'm going to continue to try and feel confident and take as many pictures as my little heart desires. Cheers!

Shannon Summers said... 3/28/2011

So true, you never know when you're going to need those beautiful textures and colors. I recently began my own collection.

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