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5 inspiring ideas to get lost in this weekend

I posted about one of my DESIGN TIME adventures a few months ago, or what is better known as hours and hours lost in the amazing inspiration and style of the lifestyle and design blog world. I am sure you have had your own adventures getting sucked into all the amazing features out there. I am starting a weekly series that points you in the direction to start your own DESIGN TIME journey - five to ten blogs, sites and ideas that can take you away.

*The insanely elegant yet comfortable home of Kate & Andy Spade via The Selby

*The gorgeous interiors and still life photographs by Annie Schlechter 

*Color inspiration from Rice Krispy treats - yes - via With Style and Grace

:: image of Culver City wall mural via loving. living. small. ::



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5 inspiring ideas to get lost in this weekend


Design Elements said... 3/19/2011

just checked your link to The 99 Percent...great!

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