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Jeanine Hays | AphroChic

I am thrilled to share a brand new A SMALL CHAT, the interview series on loving. living. small.  that features designers, design lovers and style enthusiasts sharing their thoughts on common questions about living in a small home. This interview is with a special friend, Jeanine Hays. I first met Jeanine in the summer of 2009 when she attended the 2nd Blog Out Loud event. From there we remained in touch (I even got her on the Blog Out Loud 4 panel) and she's a fantastic and creative person.

Jeanine is the Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic, a design brand that features original and colorful products from pillows to tabletop to wallpaper and more. With the recent launch of their 2nd line, Brooklyn Renaissance Collection, AphroChic is fast becoming a style hotspot and product must-have. Jeanine has such great taste about design and thoughtful living, let's hear what she has to say about using color in a small space, designing the often small bathroom, integrating pattern and art in a small space and sources for {small space} inspiration. 

1) You are the Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic, a design brand that highlights modern design and artists from around the world. You've now launched two successful and gorgeous lines of accents from vibrant pillows to bath items to table top decor. Tell us more about AphroChic and it's appeal for the home.

AphroChic is all about marrying a modern aesthetic with cultural elements all wrapped up in a sustainable package.  The appeal of many of our designs are the colorful prints and abstracts patterns that truly add a pop to any interior.  And for many of our customers, they love our dedication to sustainability and using all natural and organic materials as well as local manufacturers.

2) Color truly can transform a space - both from a physical and emotional perspective. How important is color in your line and color in your home? What tips can you give small space dwellers for using color to create a design vibe?

Color is essential!  I am a huge fan of color and patterns and what they bring to a space.  Whether a small or big space, colorful accents can take your home from blah to warm and cozy.  I love playing with pattern and pops of color, and in my small space I bring color in with accent pillows, vases and art work.  

3) Bathrooms are the quintessential "small space" in most homes and they are often underestimated for their design opportunity. With the launch of AphroChic bath items, share your thoughts on this space and tips for creating big design in small spaces.

Start with the shower curtain.  That can set the tone for the entire space.  That’s why we created our shower curtains with bold, oversized prints.  They just say, “Welcome home color!”.  If you can’t hang a curtain, focus on places where you can add a bit of color with interesting towels and bath mats.  You don’t have to be all beige and white in the bathroom.

4) Patterns and art can also add texture and a design tone to a space. I love your new line and the art featured throughout. Share your creative vision for using patterns and art on AphroChic decor and how it translates to one's space?

I really wanted to bring art into our collection.  I am a huge fan of fashion illustrations and watercolors and wanted to see that reflected in our pillows and accessories.  I contact artist, Samantha Hahn to create our watercolor prints, and she brought my ideas to life.  Art on textiles tells a story, and add a beautiful dimension to an interior.  Just one Brooklyn life pillow can express the person who lives within the abode.  I love that!

5) You feature tons of great interiors, designers, style and inspiration on the AphroChic blog. Where do you personally find inspiration and how do you create inspiration in your home?

I am inspired by so much that is out there.  Every time I hear about a new artist or designer creating something new and unique I want to share it with other design lovers.  I think the blog is fueled by my need to share all of the beautiful things that are out there.  In my own home, I try to bring some of that inspiration in, whether it’s a print from an artist I featured, or something as simple as a set of gorgeous pencils that I saw online.  I work to bring it all home and create an eclectic and colorful space that truly reflects AphroChic style.

Thank you, Jeanine! Check out all of the fabulous style and products at AphroChic right here and inspiration on the AphroChic blog right here.  Follow on twitter / @AphroChic.

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Jeanine Hays | AphroChic


Naomi said... 3/23/2011

I love this blogger although I've never met her. She knows her stuff and seems to have such an eye for decor aesthetics. She is inspiring!

AphroChic said... 3/23/2011

Thank you so much Rebecca! I'm so happy to participate in the A Small Chat series.

saer { craven maven } said... 3/23/2011

Lovely interview. I only recently heard of AphroChic and am in love with the new line.

Lily said... 3/23/2011

I love her line...the stuff is great!


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