small space d.i.y.
make your own terrarium for your small space

Gotta love the Arrangement Bar

I scooped up some mirrored pieces to add in my terrarium

Layer one :: rocks

Layer two :: soil and preparing the first succulent for it's new home

I was given a brush to wipe away excess soil and clean up as I went. Cleve trick.

Here's Beth suggesting adding more vertical depth using pencil cactus

I had the idea of breaking up the bark and tying twine around it - cute

Slowly coming together

Layer three :: white rocks and mirrored pieces that I gently placed

Beth suggested using moss in the back since my terrarium was more of a 180 view

Getting ready to plant the pink flower - love it!

Yea - it's done!

Birdseye view

Me and my new small space d.i.y. terrarium

It's new home next to one of my upholstered chairs

Thanks for the fab and free terrarium lesson, Rolling Greens!

One thing I like about my {small} apartment is that I am in a neighborhood full of great restaurants, shops, bars, you name it. I walked over to meet some friends for lunch the other day and, as I strolled home (yes, I kinda was strolling - window shopping and enjoying the pretty sunshine), I popped into Rolling Greens, a fab nursery a few blocks from my place. Full of the most gorgeous flowers, plants, curiosities, home decor, style and more, the large loft-like shop also has an *arrangement bar*. Of course I am not one to shy away from any bar, I began chatting with one of the employees and she asked me if I wanted to make a terrarium. 

Um, yes, please.

So began my hour long, personal tutorial on how to make and care for a terrarium. I picked out my glass vessel, was guided on picking out succulents, air plants, bark and also selected my rocks. For the next 30 minutes, I planted my own terrarium (with a bit of handholding and humor from shop employee, Beth). I am so thrilled with how it looks and how easy it is to care for - perfect for anyone's home. 

I love the textures and color contrast. As I say on loving. living. small., small details make a big difference and impact - love that! If you are looking to add color and style to your small space, consider making one of these guys. It was really affordable (mine was under $40 for everything) and I made it myself. There's something special about that, right? 



5 Responses to "small space d.i.y.
make your own terrarium for your small space


Lily said... 4/01/2011

How cute ! I have been wanting to make one for a while now just never got around to doing it on my own...I need to go there !


Simply Mel {Reverie} said... 4/01/2011

the bark is my favorite 'accessory' of this sweet little terrarium!

when are you coming to Yountville to play? :)

Unknown said... 4/02/2011

Your terrarium is gorgeous!! Great work.
I'll try make one some day.


Unknown said... 4/02/2011

That is so cool! I love your little terrarium! And a shop to build them in is fab!! Need to find something like that around here...

bridget said... 6/05/2011

Hi Rebecca--LOVE your site!! May I ask, what area of LA do live in? I'm looking for apartments and my first priority is to live within walking of shops, restaurants, etc. Are you in Los Feliz? West Hollywood? Thanks! Hope this isn't a weird question...

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