4 best small space tips
in 178 square feet

when I see apartments like Zach Motl's in New York, It makes me wish I was living back in the city AND that I could re-do my tiny 300 square foot Soho studio from 2002. This is a very cool apartment that is functional and well-designed - tons of personality infused into it! There are many small space ideas in here but I wanted to point out three that I love - using the walls, layering furniture, defining zones and painting! Check out your own small space to see if it's working the best it can for you.

:: enjoy the full article and slide show from the NY Times right here ::


4 Responses to "4 best small space tips
in 178 square feet


Unknown said... 2/12/2010

Wow, his place is tiny but with SO much charm! I love it:)

ashlina {the decorista} said... 2/12/2010

i need that red chair + gray walls.

happy valentines weekend.

Vick said... 2/15/2010

Yeah I saw this place on the NYT. Interesting place.

Tania said... 2/15/2010

Hi there! Would anyone happen to know the color gray that is on the walls? Thanks. :)

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