creating a {small} office

many of us are working from home these days and creating a functional yet cool office environment is important. when creating your space, remember to create it in a zone. now this doesn't mean that you have to block your work station off in some random area because there happens to be a little extra space there. Instead consider  incorporating  your office into your layout.  do this by doubling your desk. I am loving this desk from Pottery Barn because of it's scale (and it looks nice too) It's big enough to be a desk and I can also see it as a side table to a couch or bed. now you have a dedicated workspace and also a piece to connect your room's layout.


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MissMadeline said... 2/20/2010

that looks like a cozy place to get some work done.

i'm renting a room right now, and i'm sharing it with the boyfriend. and i NEED to carve out a little space to get some artwork done. and i like this idea a lot for that project.

loving. living. small. said... 2/21/2010

yes, I lived in a small space w my boyfriend and I did the same thing. it makes working feel better. good luck!

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