a little northern california birthday love

I am celebrating my birthday in my new town!!

hope you all have an awesome long weekend!!

:: a little bday update - spent the day in Half Moon Bay and the weather was glorious! what a sweet birthday with the best bday card drawn in the sand for me ::

xx, rebecca


4 Responses to "a little northern california birthday love"

SimplySandi said... 2/13/2010

What a gorgeous view

Unknown said... 2/13/2010

Happy Birthday! And Welcome to Northern California!

Tania said... 2/15/2010

Ooohhh...stunning view! I lived in San Francisco for over ten years and I can honestly say there was not one day I wasn't madly in love with that city. If you haven't already done this, I recommend just walking aimlessly without any real destination. You will be astounded by all the lovely, charming side streets and off the beaten path trails you will stumble upon. Have fun! :)

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said... 2/15/2010

Happy belated birthday, Rebecca! Hope it rocked!

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