best small space accent:
acrylic decor

time for another best small space accent (really, there are tons of them!) and this one is all about acrylic! Nope, not the cheesy 80s style, these acrylic furniture and decor items are perfect for all small space dwellers. Biggest reason? The clear pieces allows the eye to keep moving and, therefore, the space feels bigger even though there it's filled with items. I love an acrylic console table and nesting tables but I hadn't seen an acrylic ridling rack or rolling side table until I put this post together - very cool! And these pieces have a timeless quality, keep updating with modern and stylish accents.

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3 Responses to "best small space accent:
acrylic decor


Emily said... 2/09/2010

I love the acrylic side desk. I've been looking for one in my price range. :)

loving. living. small. said... 2/09/2010

I know - so nice but not always the most affordable.

Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said... 2/09/2010

I love the Steal Your Face stickers. :)

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