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Nesting Newbies

ok small space dwellers, i have a fab new online mag for you - Nesting Newbies. Launched a few months ago, Nesting Newbies is innovative and informative, we focus on ways to spark your creativity and make you and your home happy…YES! 

I e-flipped through the new Winter issue and loved the featured food sections and the design style - lovely! There are tons of great design ideas featured inside from both a functional and emotional point of view. Loving the Endnotes section and Blue BirdBag sections, too featuring great blog reads and discounted goodies. Check it out here

:: all images from Nesting Newbies/Winter ::


4 Responses to "fab new design mag
Nesting Newbies


custardbydesign said... 2/23/2010

thanks for sharing...i can't wait to check it out

Lillian C said... 2/23/2010

Ooh, it looks great!! I'll definitely be checking it out! :)

Hamptontoes said... 2/23/2010

Looks great...I'll have to check it out after this post! Thanks for sharing!

Nesting Newbies said... 3/15/2010

Thank you for sharing Nesting Newbies with your fab readers. :)

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