Colorful Food Inspires Home Design

One of my fave new and inspiring blogs, Leo on the Loose, is full of fabulous and free DIYs for your home and tons of colorful recipes to inspire any small space home cook. Erin offers some amazing ideas so click here to enjoy and consider how the color of food can inspire some home accent ideas. Gorgeous green avocado - gorgeous green accent wall. Yummy egg panini - yellow and white zig zag rug! I will be making the easiest guacamole later today - yay!!
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3 Responses to "LOVING EATING SMALL:
Colorful Food Inspires Home Design


surfy birdy said... 8/11/2009

yum! that looks delish.
love this blog!
peace & love.

Unknown said... 8/12/2009

Oh, yum! I'm headed to the market to buy some avocados to add to today's sandwich.


Jennifer DeDonato said... 8/12/2009

Oh my that looks wonderful. I had some avocado just yesterday.

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