Color Tips for Your Small Space

To a lot of people, color can be one of the biggest challenges in a small space. Many people feel that picking a color is a commitment and that a small space will feel even smaller. A few ideas to help with your small space...

>>work with a neutral palette and integrate pops of color via accents (artwork * glass collections * wall coverings). Then if you want to change the tone, just swap out your accents.

>>consider cool colors (like blues and grays) that make a space appear like it's receding.

>>introduce a bold color on one accent wall.

>>have fun! nothing is permanent so enjoy and experiment! I never thought I would have a red wall but decided to give it a go in my old small space. When I was done, an organic slate gray was introduced.

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Color Tips for Your Small Space


Anonymous said... 8/17/2009

Please tell me what color you used for your paint. I am dealing with the exact same situation and I love love love that final color!

loving. living. small. said... 8/17/2009

besswess, the paint is slate gray from Home Depot's FreshAire line. Eco-friendly with zero-VOCs and super affordable. 1 gallon did the trick for 2 coats.

Mad Alchemist said... 10/02/2009

would grey be a good color to paint a small kitchen whith dark blue floors and counters ( gold patches are on the floor also) if not what would be a good color any one have ideas?

Rebecca said... 11/16/2009

This is gorgeous. What color is that sofa (and where did you get it)? It looks both chocolate brown and slate blue on my computer. And it's amazing how even such a subtle color on the walls can make an awesome statement!

loving. living. small. said... 11/16/2009

The sofa is dark gray and it's the Kramfors from Ikea. It's a great couch but not the most comfy so get a bunch of great throw pillows to relax on when lounging

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