Discover Small Space Ideas In Big Rooms

Small space dwellers delight in finding inspiring small space accents and tips from large rooms, big homes and footprints stacking more then 1000 square feet.
this neat space is quite large, upscale, chic and elegant and there are tons of places to spot small space ideas with style. loving the dark wallpaper that sets the tone for an elegant space that expands in appearance.

>> Try a bold or dark color all over a small space, like bathroom. Including the ceiling, like pictured. And don't be afraid of black or dark purples, blues, reds, etc. It's just paint so have fun! (remember my red wall?)

>> Another tip is to get furniture that seems to float, like the computer stand. This is not a big piece and it doesn't feel heavy. You can place this against a wall and still see the wall which, again, expands the space.

>> Open shelves add a visual dimension.

>> Glass and acrylic decor feels light and allows the eye to go flush to the wall and a space simply feels bigger.

>> A glass chandelier not just adds style but draws the eye up to the ceiling and expanding the space. This is a great small space solution.

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Discover Small Space Ideas In Big Rooms


Unknown said... 8/19/2009

This is absolutely inspiring! There's an interesting, almost Victorian bent to the black room that I love--both sleek and highly decorative.

I think I just found the inspiration room for my own home! (Until you post up the next gorgeous idea.)

Many thanks.


loving. living. small. said... 8/19/2009

thanks for such a sweet comment! I know, this style is fab!

Waxy said... 8/20/2009

I like the black wallpaper with the pink - very cool!

Anonymous said... 8/22/2009

Can you tell me if you know where to get the black leather armchair in the first photograph. I love it!

loving. living. small. said... 8/22/2009

i don't know where the chair is from but try contacting Meet At The Apartment, the company where i found this great room. Good luck!

fashion is the only cure said... 9/20/2009

that first chair is so amazing. what a find. and the kitchen...wwooooaaaahhhh. how cool is it. cant believe how much i like it.

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