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Great night, Great People

Just a quick post about the Blog Out Loud event last night. It was a great night and if you are at all interested in blogging then click here to check out the BOL site, blog and video. And thanks to all of you SF readers that attended - we *heart* you!

And here are a few pre-event photos of the insanely pretty
BellJar boutique. There was so much small space inspiration in there, my brain when into sensory overload. Using your walls at it's finest and tons of small details.
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4 Responses to ">>Blog Out Loud SF
Great night, Great People


Caitlin said... 8/24/2009

It was very exciting to meet all of the bloggers last night. Love the discussion topics and of course BellJar! Hope you and Melissa can continue to put on more of these events in other cities.

Up Mama's Wall said... 8/24/2009

what a great event last night. I loved it. Thanks for creating such a generous and helpful and just all around warm-fuzzy event. More, please.
xoxo Samantha

Taylor Sterling said... 8/25/2009

Love the pics. The store was so delightful!

loving. living. small. said... 8/25/2009

Yes, the store is incredible! I think the first time I walked in there I went around and touched everything :)

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