Hi everyone, I just returned back west from a three week visit to the DC area. I had an amazing time visiting my old neighborhood, family and friends. While the trip brought up amazing childhood memories (fireflies * rock candy * salty ocean air * colonial architecture), I also discovered some new things about my old city (modern shops * porches * use of materials). As you know I am often inspired my by own neighborhood and enjoy getting out and looking around. Even the smallest details can stay with you and encourage a design aesthetic new to you.

When we were visiting the National Arboretum last week, I fell in love with the Bonsai Museum inside, a tunnel through time showcasing the style and design of these gorgeous trees interpreted through Japanese, Chinese and even North American eyes. The central and pretty courtyard was beautiful with layers of short plants covering the edges like blankets. Upon closer inspection, turns out the plants were shaped like tiny rose buds. I had never seen plants like these and fell in love. Funny, there were so many stunning and huge installments in the 400-acre Arboretum and these tiny rosebud plants made the biggest impact on me. As I look around my own small space, my eyes go to the small details and design elements. While big is bold, to me, the smaller details tend to make the house feel like home.

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