It's no secret that mirrors expand a space, especially if it can catch natural sunlight. We recently bought a leaning mirror and decided to place it on an angle in the corner and - wow - does this make our space seem huge! The mirror just seems to capture the entire main room and really helps the space feel substantial. If you have a space angle, I highly recommend this small space tip in your home.



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Anonymous said... 1/20/2009

i have a large, framed, leaning mirror that i placed in a transition space in my living room. it's that dead wall space between two sitting areas, that is always so difficult to decorate. [in my case, the main sitting area & a window seat that was made using an open-back sofa placed under the window and surrounded by sheer drapes hung from the it an 'alcove' feeling.] you're so right about the light dancing off the beautifully!!
thanks for all your tips..they're great!! :D


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