While I love reading the year end wrap ups of design style, I also like to see what designers will forecast for the new year. 2009 looks like a goody!! Metropolitan Home has set it's sights on home design trends to lookout for in 2009 - all of which can be created in a small space. Colorful bold patterns and combinations + resourceful chic seem to be the prediction. Caravan - Glacier - Modern Patchwork - Outdoor Chic - Red and Orange Palette are just a few of the trends. Click here for the full list! Loving 2009 already! [Photos via PointClickHome]


2 Responses to "2009 & SMALL SPACE DESIGN"

Becky said... 1/03/2009

Love the fabric on that chair. Thanks for the regular inspiration! Even blogged about you today! Thanks again.

loving. living. small. said... 1/03/2009

Thanks, Becky! Appreciate you coming by to visit LLS! Happy New Year!

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