loving. living. small.'s 500,000th visitor
10 of my fave small space posts


I was super excited to see that my little blog has reached a big milestone - over a half a million visitors!!! I can't believe that what started as a place to virtually store my inspiration has become a place for other people to embrace inspiration as well. I seriously can't get over the amazing comments and personal emails from you guys. I absolutely appreciate it and thank you for reading and engaging in loving. living. small. Love it! 

So *cheers* to 500,000 of you! This is still my personal blog and I look forward to sharing more inspiration with you guys. In the meantime, here are ten of my fave posts since I started this little blog in 2008

*I still LOVE a striped wall. And I still own that issue of New York Mag, framed in my office here.

*I loved this idea of framing book covers - super clever. I was only 4 weeks old and this was the first post that was picked up by a big website. This time - Renest.

*I really do love this duo of mirrors and must try it in my own small space. 

*One of my many many many posts about how inspiration can be spotted *everywhere*. In this case, a pretty Vogue mural painted on a wall in Maryland

*Use your rooms for your needs not for their names. Goodbye eat-in-kitchen, hello home office

*This was my biggest traffic post to date - Apartment Therapy's post about loving. living. small. Ironically, this was just a few weeks before they sent out the call for new bloggers. I applied and I was invited to join the ATLA team in mid-July 2008.

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10 of my fave small space posts


Lily said... 4/18/2011

Congratulations !!! I love your blog :)


Krissy (Shimmer Like Gold) said... 4/18/2011

Wow, many congratulations on your huge blog milestone!

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