super affordable design accent | $1.50 and 1.5 days

$1.50 on day 1

1.5 days later.....

loving. living. small. friends, this is my favorite and most affordable design accent for my small space and hope you consider and enjoy it too. How sweet is this bunch of Trader Joe's $1.50 daffodils? When I picked up the lil bunch on Sunday, they were barely open. But a day and a half later, they look gorgeous. For the cost of a cup of coffee, I made a huge design impact in my small space. And, better yet, the birght pop of color makes me smile smile smile every time I walk on by - yes!



6 Responses to "super affordable design accent | $1.50 and 1.5 days"

Sydney Steenland said... 4/05/2011

What a great find, they are such a striking feature, your photos are also striking. what sort of camera do you use. Awesome pics!

simplygrove said... 4/05/2011

I want to buy some tomorrow! So cute!!

Jennifer Brandt said... 4/06/2011

So cute B! Love the vase too. Agree. Your photos are always striking.

Tamra {ever swoon} said... 4/06/2011

Awesome!!! Where did you get the vase??!?! I am so doing this over the weekend! Nice share.

Unknown said... 4/08/2011

I love this site! My dream is to move into a small house: More time to write. More time to read. Less cleaning. Bliss.

Anonymous said... 4/08/2011

Daffodils lift the spirit. Your lovely vase adds to the look without taking away from the flowers. Thanks for the photos.

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