small space makeover
amazing reupholstered chairs

I am really excited to share this makeover with you guys. A few weeks ago I posted about my soon-to-be madeover mushroom chenille chairs. {click here to take a look}. I needed more seating options in my small space and was looking for statement chairs. What I was finding was either

a) way out of my price range

b) way out of my style range

So I decided to go with option #B and makeover some chairs the way I liked. I bought these chairs on a super sale at a local store - they were so affordable, so comfy and, in my opinion, so ugly. I found fabric that I loved and it was only $5/yard. I also found a fantastic local reupholsterer and negotiated the work. The chairs were picked up and delivered in...2 days. Can you believe? {Seriously - LA people, if you anything reupholstered, email me and I'll get you this guys info - amazing and so nice too}

To say I love these chairs is a serious understatement. I feel good walking by them - I know, right? :) But to me that's making your house a home, creating a {small} space so you want to really live in it. I wrote about that idea right here. If you have something in your home that want to create then go for it! With a little research, working your budget and thinking outside the design box, you can literally create something custom and new just for you. 

Have you guys done any makeovers that change how your small space feels?

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amazing reupholstered chairs


Vanessa Elizabeth said... 2/03/2011

I love it when projects come together like this, and for fabulous prices! I'm looking for more chairs for my living room right now, and have definitely reconsidered reupholstering if I find some shapes I love.

Emily said... 2/03/2011

Wow! I LOVE these chairs! They look awesome in your room!

Unknown said... 2/03/2011

They look amazing!! So nice when you can walk into a space and it makes you smile :)

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle said... 2/03/2011

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those chairs! The bold graphic print is utter perfection. Also loving the ladder magazine rack - heart!

Lindsey Suggs said... 2/03/2011

So freakin' cute!!! I love it!! Love that chandelier and ladder rack too.

Anonymous said... 2/03/2011

Great changes! Love the fabric choice!!!

Unknown said... 2/03/2011

Wow, beautiful change.Your living room looks very good.

extreme personal measures said... 2/03/2011

WOW! They turned out great!

Extreme Personal Measures

Niche Interiors said... 2/03/2011

Fabulous! And for $5 a yard -- that's INSANE!

loving. living. small. said... 2/03/2011

Thanks for commenting, everyone :) I really love these chairs! Can you tell? :)

Melissa :: A Beautiful Mission said... 2/03/2011

Fantastic!! I love it!
Yes, to answer your question: I just spent $250 at IKEA and completely transformed my kitchen! I replaced 2 hodge-podge, bulky, free-standing cabinets with some Billy bookcases with doors... AND created a little "breakfast bar" with a shelf mounted (with cute brackets) at counter height. Plus 2 counter stools. It's AMAZING what a simple, inexpensive change can do! I used to HATE my kitchen... now I LOVE being in there! Mission accomplished!

My Fashion Dolly said... 2/03/2011

Hi, I just found your blog, and I love it!!! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll. Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

MrsRogero said... 2/04/2011

Awesome! You've found a new fan in me - all the way from South Africa! my space has a similar set up, book shelves included, so I really could relate to this fun idea!

Anonymous said... 2/04/2011

What an amazing transformation! Great fabric choice!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said... 2/04/2011

Looks awesome!

Merrily Down the Stream said... 2/04/2011

They are amazing! I'd like to know where in the heck you found fabric for that price - I hope you bought it all!

Beth @ the Modern Home said... 2/04/2011

I love the bold choice in fabric. Is it Ikea? They look fantastic!

Anonymous said... 2/04/2011


i am pam said... 2/04/2011

love it!

Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said... 2/04/2011

This is beautiful - love the bold geometric pattern, it is timeless. Which is exactly what you want from such an investment!

I couldn't comment when you first wrote this post, but yes, I did a makeover in my 320 sq ft home that I share with my hubby and 13 year old son.



Love your style!


Stacey said... 2/05/2011

Those chairs are crazy good!

Yes please, I'm here in Los Angeles and would love the name of your upholstery guy.

I really love your blog and felt a little out of the club after I moved to a bigger space.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

smidge girl said... 2/05/2011

Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous! A perfect addition to an already lovely room. I know just what you mean about feeling happy when you walk by them. I have some lamps that have the same effect on me, lol.

Kim Bowen said... 2/07/2011

Wow, amazing transformation. Does your guy do slipcovers. to? I'd love the tel#. Thanks Kim

simplygrove said... 2/07/2011

They look fantastic!!!!

Grace said... 2/20/2011

The chairs are gorgeous! It's good to know that there is someone that does affordable upholstery too.

Anonymous said... 2/22/2011

I loooove your genius ideas of creating such great pieces. Can you please let me know the guy you used to reupholstered the chairs . Thanks

Anonymous said... 3/04/2011

Interesting! I thought upholstering was pretty expensive. How much was it to upholster the chair?

wicker bar stools said... 3/15/2011

I do recycling on my home stuffs too. I can even less on expenses for purchasing one. I could do the design I want. I do visit some blog that orientates the readers on stylish way of recycling.

Theresa Cowan said... 4/04/2011

where is your magazine ladder's amazing!

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