Wallpaper As An Accent

ok, small space dwellers, introduce dimension and color into your small space with one of my fave accents, wallpaper. My favorite way to use it is not actually on the walls but rather as an accent against bookshelves. Using wallpaper this way allows your decor to pop, it's an affordable solution to wall decor, it's renter-friendly and versatile. (want to change your color palette, no worries! just throw up a new selection!)


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Wallpaper As An Accent


Unknown said... 8/31/2009

Typically, accent pieces become kind of stand alone decors, but the wallpaper kind of brings it together under a color.


Sanity Fair said... 9/02/2009

The brown and cream trellis paper is a wonderful backdrop.

Tiina of livingConcept said... 9/13/2009

this is so cool! i've been telling this to everyone i know, use wallpaper!! everywhere, and lots of different patterns and colors!

My Owl Barn said... 10/14/2009

I love the red and cream wallpaper. But all those vases. Lovely!

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