make new city inspiration your own in your small space

While I was in Stockholm, I fell in love with the bright colors of the buildings, water and sky. (Did you know that Stockholm is all islands?) There was an elegant vibe to the city and it felt amazing walking around. I enjoyed a little bit of shopping as well, picking up some great design items for my own small space. One of my favorite items that I purchased were these Dala horses, the popular Swedish horses that are named for Sweden's home province of Dalarna. Since I am a big lover of embracing city inspiration and interpreting it through my home, it was important for me to add the Dala design item. I really loved Stockholm and wanted to take a bit of it's style with me. While I love the original version, I chose to go with a modern, striped ceramic version - more me with the design still in tact. I think adding items from your travels or even a day trip out and about to your space is fantastic! I love taking it a step further and finding a version that suits more of my personality. I can't wait to get these little guys up at home.  

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1. One of the many boats 2. Touring the Stockholm 3. Enjoying a ferry ride to Stockholm Archipalego 4. My friend's apartment, with her version of the Dala horse in white 5. My new Dala horses, striped of course

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