black & gold style
watch for this combo

A lot of my friends have been asking me about my Europe adventure this summer and what my favorite things were. Aside from the amazing architecture, food and enjoying time with my friend in Stockholm and my mom in Italy, I tell them "the black and gold style".  Yes! Decor accents, signage, logos, organic food, store fronts, jewelry were all interpreted in a black and gold combination. But it  wasn't always just black and just gold. My favorite items (and the one that made the most impact) had a fantastic texture juxtaposition - black matte and shiny gold enamel or black ceramic and hammered gold. Love it all! Of course I snapped a bunch of photos and picked up an item or two for my home. I bet this combo will be popping up in the Fall/Winter and continue as we head into 2012.

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2 Responses to "black & gold style
watch for this combo


Unknown said... 8/05/2011

Gorgeous! One of my favourite colour combinations. (Love that oddly shaped little dish in the first photo.)

Cynthia said... 8/06/2011

I just bought an old chair for my desk at a garage sale and have been thinking about whether I should paint it. Now I'm thinking painting it black with a black and gold fabric seat. Very cool.


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