currently loving...
the soon-to-be-launching missoni for target collection

If you are a design lover and a Missoni lover like me then I am sure you are also anticipating the very cool and fab Missoni for Target collection launch in a few weeks. I was thrilled to spot a few images online and in magazines that preview a few items from the very full collection. There are about 400 pieces, including a bike and patio set. (Yea, that patio set is mine - dying for a sneak peek :) I love the Missoni style and color - remember my small space DIY from a few months ago when I turned a Missoni hand towel into art? I also have been coveting their cashmere throw, even spotting it in Florence this summer and wishing I could take it home with me.

:: all images found online for Missoni ::



4 Responses to "currently loving...
the soon-to-be-launching missoni for target collection


Sheri said... 8/06/2011

Missoni! That is so exciting! I really love your blog and have been secretly reading it for a long time. I'm now a joiner!

Anonymous said... 8/06/2011

Like Sheri, I follow in reader and have been comment shy - but this was soooo exciting!! I see Target stalking in my future. Thank you for sharing such beautiful inspiration!!


loving. living. small. said... 8/08/2011

Sheri & Michele - you are both too sweet! Thanks for reading :) x, Rebecca

the-new-romanticism said... 8/08/2011

Oh how I wish we had Target in Canada! P.S. your blog is lovely! -Olivia

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