loving. living. small. digital snapshot | no. 4
a fall wedding inspiration edition

It's been a pretty fantastic summer with lots of fun travels and exciting life stuff. One of my most special moments was getting engaged in June to my longtime love - my oh my! I am super happy about marrying this cute guy. :) 

Now I have to admit, while I love design, writing about design, window shopping design, taking photos of design, I really have never "designed" my ideal wedding.The only wedding thing I have ever really bookmarked was when I tore out a wedding ring from a magazine years ago because I thought it was so pretty. (And guess what, that's the ring my sweet guy got for me! Seriously, it was a total surprise and I still can't believe it!!) So now I am looking at planning my own wedding and I think I am getting into it now. I approached the planning the same way I love with a small space - what do I *love* about it? How do I want to *feel*?

My fiance and I are having our wedding in the late Fall and we are inspired by the season and harvest tones - merigold, pumpkin, saffron, ivy. Of course we do love deep grays and gold tones too so - voila - our color palette was created based on the season we love most - Fall. A few other goodies that we love - cupcakes, salt, pretty flowers, mixing design styles, mixing textures, color and, of course a little Veuve.  We are looking at a historic venue but we are definitely not formal so we'll be adding in some of our rustic chic style on a budget. I see a lot of small space DIYs in my future. I put together this digital snapshot to share a few ideas that I am thinking of for our wedding weekend. More to come... :)

Images from the top clockwise
1. Honeycomb floor cushion 2. Roost beverage dispenser 3. Chinese Chippendale chair 4. Birch candles 5. Glass Bell Jar 
6. Veuve Clicqout 7. Custom wood slab pedestal 8. Georgetown cupcakes 9. Gold bowl 
10. Tulips 11. Alberion lantern 12. Pressed leaves

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2 Responses to "loving. living. small. digital snapshot | no. 4
a fall wedding inspiration edition


Simply Mel {Reverie} said... 8/07/2011

So so so incredibly excited and happy for you!

Love the color palette!

pageonpaper said... 8/07/2011

Love those all of those colors! I can't wait to see the wedding recap.

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